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Re: Senegal Parrot looking for a male owner

Posted by melinda on 12/16/04
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    could you send pics of your senegal to my email. may be
    interested. thanks

    On 9/13/04, Jewels wrote:
    > Hi any of you guys that love birds I have the one for you.
    > My Senegal hates me and wants a man to love and my hubby
    > can't be bothered. Are any of you intrusted in a beautiful
    > senegal? He is quite large for a senegal he is larger then
    > my Hahn's Macaw. He talks, he is 11 months old and he has
    > a very large cage all for $300.00, now you guys know that a
    > Senegal is worth much more right so let me know. I have
    > posted him on the Classifieds but I figured if one of you
    > guys was looking for a great bird maybe I could find you on
    > the chat board. By the way I'm in NJ
    > Thanks, and if this bothers you sorry I just want a good
    > home for the bird that hates me.