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Re: Hello All

Posted by Trish on 9/15/04
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    On 9/15/04, Keith Redden wrote:
    > I have a senegal that is 7 months old. She is starting to
    > talk. Will the voice get clearer? Been only 7 month?

    *Most* birds tend to get clearer in their speech as they go
    along. I emphasized "most," because some just don't. As
    you know, birds are really individual creatures and some
    won't bother to try to talk at all for a year or so. Since
    yours is starting at 7 months, it sounds like she at least
    currently has plans to be a talker.

    Do you notice her practicing a lot when there is other
    background noise such as the vacuum cleaner, running water,
    etc? Does she practice when you cover her in the evening or
    as she's going to sleep? I've found such habits of
    practicing to be an indication of not only their desire to
    speak people, but their abilities.

    When you speak to her, especially in a training exercise,
    always take the time to speak the word or phrase very
    clearly to her ~ just as you would a toddler. Be gentle and
    consistent and offer small treats. Be consistent, too, in
    what you are teaching by using the same small, clearly
    spoken word or phrase for each association.

    In the end, though, if you're thrilled with her and you can
    understand her, that's the important part. Senegals are
    really smart, entertaining little birds and the "good" ones
    are usually awesome!