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Re: Needing some info!

Posted by Trish on 10/05/04
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    Cut and paste this into your browser window:

    Just in case it doesn't work, go to and type
    in "jardines parrots about" and run a search. You will get
    a virtual ton of information.

    I'm not an expert in any particular species of parrot ~ but
    i will tell you this: *every* bird, from finches up to the
    hyacinth macaw, is going to require an exceptional amount of
    care. Cages should be cleaned daily; food should be
    checked/replinished at least twice daily (three times daily
    is better for anything larger than a budgie); water should
    be changed at least twice daily for every animal, but
    especially for birds.

    The temperament of jardines is said to be among the best of
    all hookbills; however, i would think it safe to say it's
    probably a case-by-case (individual) basis, just the same as
    it is for all birds.

    Please take the time to not only ask questions here, but to
    do your own research before considering adding a bird to the
    household. Any bird is usually a lot more responsiblity
    than the average person expects it to be .... but they're
    also well worth it!


    On 10/05/04, Laurie wrote:
    > Are the Jardine Parrotts very kind birds? I understand
    > are very sweet and do not require an exceptional amount of
    > care. Can anyone help with their temperment and their diet.
    > Thanks, Laurie