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Re: good reply Trish :-)

Posted by LindaC in OK on 10/05/04
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    In addition vet care is necessary at times or annually for some
    as well as out of cage time which means playgym area. Cooking
    for birds? well yes we do. hahaha bean mashes, birdie bread for
    starters. They don't eat just seeds but pellets and lots and
    lots of fresh foods.

    lots of thinking to do before adding a member of the family.
    its called 'planned parronthood' because i don't believe in
    them going from home to home.

    Thank you so much for asking questions beforehand Laurie, it
    shows you are a caring person.

    This caring person has to go to aviary for 1/2 hour. Been
    trying for an hour now. Bad computer making me stay here. Bad,
    I tell you. lol