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Re: Needing some info!

Posted by Carmen from South Dakota on 10/06/04
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    Michael L, you make me want one! Any suggestions on good books
    or sites to learn more?


    On 10/05/04, Michael L wrote:
    > On 10/05/04, Laurie wrote:
    >> Are the Jardine Parrotts very kind birds? I understand they
    >> are very sweet and do not require an exceptional amount of
    >> care. Can anyone help with their temperment and their diet.
    >> Thanks, Laurie
    > Laurie,
    > Funny you should bring up the Jardine. I have a baby in the
    > nest right now. Actually, I keep the Lesser Jardine.
    > As already been mentioned, any bird is going to require time,
    > commitment and care.
    > But I will say of all the Africans, the Jardines are
    > exceptionally quiet. Quiet to the point you don't know they
    > are around. They will entertain themselves for hours on end
    > with toys. You may also find them flat on their back on the
    > bottom of the cage and you think they've died, but it's just
    > how they play and sometimes sleep.
    > Their diet is much like other hookbills. Fresh greens,
    > vegetables, cooked bean mix, pellets and seed are staples.
    > The one thing that has been mentioned, but not actually
    > documented in clinical study, is the fact that they have a
    > higher need for Vitamin A enriched foods. So dark greens,
    > sweet potatoes/yams, carrots, red pepper and broccoli are
    > high on the list with them.
    > Their talking ability is more bird specific rather than
    > species. Some are better than others.
    > They are affectionate, but like most Africans, can be
    > selective in their acceptance and tolerance of certain people.
    > They have a nice size to them and they have often been
    > referred to as the Amazon of the Africans.
    > Hope this helps some?
    > Michael L