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Re: good reply Trish :-)

Posted by Laurie on 10/06/04
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    Thank you for your response. I'm doing a lot of research. I'm
    more concerned whether I'm for the bird vs the bird for me!
    Thanks for your help.

    On 10/05/04, LindaC in OK wrote:

    > In addition vet care is necessary at times or annually for some
    > as well as out of cage time which means playgym area. Cooking
    > for birds? well yes we do. hahaha bean mashes, birdie bread for
    > starters. They don't eat just seeds but pellets and lots and
    > lots of fresh foods.
    > lots of thinking to do before adding a member of the family.
    > its called 'planned parronthood' because i don't believe in
    > them going from home to home.
    > Thank you so much for asking questions beforehand Laurie, it
    > shows you are a caring person.
    > This caring person has to go to aviary for 1/2 hour. Been
    > trying for an hour now. Bad computer making me stay here. Bad,
    > I tell you. lol
    > ta,
    > LindaC