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Re: Needing some info!

Posted by Laurie on 10/06/04
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    Thank you for your response. I'm doing a lot of homework on
    each species. I particularly like the fact the Jardine can
    entertain themselves some of the time as I work in the day. I
    have no problem keeping the cage clean with fresh water and
    their diet is okay too as I am a natural food eater mostly
    myself. I appreciate your input.
    Thanks, Laurie

    On 10/05/04, Trish wrote:

    > Laurie,
    > Cut and paste this into your browser window:
    > 8&q=jardines+parrots+about
    > Just in case it doesn't work, go to and type
    > in "jardines parrots about" and run a search. You will get
    > a virtual ton of information.
    > I'm not an expert in any particular species of parrot ~ but
    > i will tell you this: *every* bird, from finches up to the
    > hyacinth macaw, is going to require an exceptional amount of
    > care. Cages should be cleaned daily; food should be
    > checked/replinished at least twice daily (three times daily
    > is better for anything larger than a budgie); water should
    > be changed at least twice daily for every animal, but
    > especially for birds.
    > The temperament of jardines is said to be among the best of
    > all hookbills; however, i would think it safe to say it's
    > probably a case-by-case (individual) basis, just the same as
    > it is for all birds.
    > Please take the time to not only ask questions here, but to
    > do your own research before considering adding a bird to the
    > household. Any bird is usually a lot more responsiblity
    > than the average person expects it to be .... but they're
    > also well worth it!
    > Trish
    > On 10/05/04, Laurie wrote:
    >> Are the Jardine Parrotts very kind birds? I understand
    > they
    >> are very sweet and do not require an exceptional amount of
    >> care. Can anyone help with their temperment and their diet.
    >> Thanks, Laurie