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Re: Question for Michael

Posted by Michael L on 10/07/04
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    On 10/07/04, Laurie wrote:
    > Michael,
    > You mentioned in your post on 10/5/04 that you keep
    > Jardines particularly the Lesser. I saw on a website
    > a picture of a Jardine Gulielmi
    > (black winged) and the coloring is just beautiful. Its
    > seeming to me that the green coloring on the Gulielmi is
    > more vibrant than the Lesser. Can you help me with the
    > coloring between the two. I'm doing a lot of research on
    > differant birds and coloring is as important to me as
    > personality. I don't want to lead myself down the wrong
    > road and purchase the wrong bird. Thank you for your help.
    > Laurie

    I've not actually seen a Black-winged Jardine, but I can tell
    you this...
    One of the most striking characteristics of the Lesser is the
    color of the green on the bird. It is vivid and intense and
    has somewhat of an iridesence. That's one of the first things
    people say when they see this bird, in person.
    Also, I believe the Black-winged is the same, only much more
    black on the wing whereas the Lesser has an equal dispersion
    of black and green on the wing.
    Also, I believe the BW is much harder to find, if at all, as
    a pet.

    Michael L