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Re: Question for Michael for Laurie

Posted by Michael L on 10/07/04
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    On 10/07/04, Laurie wrote:
    > Michael,
    > Thank you for your help. The website I mentioned is calling the
    > Jardine a Poicephalus Gulielimi. Not referring to the sub
    > species therefor I'm confused as to which sub-species thay are
    > selling. There is another website caled and the
    > first subspecies they list is the black winged and it doesn't
    > mention their not available for pets in the US and does mention
    > the green color on the Lesser as being lighter?? I am truley
    > looking for that beatiful vibrant green iridescent color and
    > frankly the sub-species that carries this color is of no
    > preference. If your Lesser has this vibrant green color than it
    > sounds as though the lesser maybe what I'm looking for as well.
    > You mentioned you had one in the nest. Is it for sale?
    > Thank you, Laurie

    I'm not saying that the Black-wing is not available as a pet. To
    be more clear, they are less available and often times when this
    occurs, the breeders try to sell to other breeders that deal with
    that species in order to keep blood lines fresh and available.
    The vibrance of the green in the Lesser is somewhat diffused on
    the wing because of the black that is intermixed. In young
    birds, the orange is not evident on the head or epaulets of the
    wings until later after the first molt and as the bird matures.
    My baby is for sale, but I'm not sure where you live as to
    whether there would be shippign involved? Reason being, when
    this baby is weaned, we will be into very cold weather where I
    live (Pennsyslvania) and shipping may be out of the question?
    I'll include my E-mail if you are interested in talking off the
    board. Just click on the highlight at the top of this post.

    Michael L