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Re: Question for Michael for Laurie

Posted by Laurie on 10/08/04
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    Thank you for your help once again. I do understand better now. I
    live in Florida therefor I understand shipping being out of the
    question. I'll see what I can find here locally (S.W. Florida).
    There aren't alot of Jardine breeders compared to other species but
    I believe there may be one here in Fort Myers. I'll keep my fingers
    crossed. Thank you again for all your help!

    > On 10/07/04, Laurie wrote:
    >> Michael,
    >> Thank you for your help. The website I mentioned is calling the
    >> Jardine a Poicephalus Gulielimi. Not referring to the sub
    >> species therefor I'm confused as to which sub-species thay are
    >> selling. There is another website caled and the
    >> first subspecies they list is the black winged and it doesn't
    >> mention their not available for pets in the US and does mention
    >> the green color on the Lesser as being lighter?? I am truley
    >> looking for that beatiful vibrant green iridescent color and
    >> frankly the sub-species that carries this color is of no
    >> preference. If your Lesser has this vibrant green color than it
    >> sounds as though the lesser maybe what I'm looking for as well.
    >> You mentioned you had one in the nest. Is it for sale?
    >> Thank you, Laurie
    > Laurie,
    > I'm not saying that the Black-wing is not available as a pet. To
    > be more clear, they are less available and often times when this
    > occurs, the breeders try to sell to other breeders that deal with
    > that species in order to keep blood lines fresh and available.
    > The vibrance of the green in the Lesser is somewhat diffused on
    > the wing because of the black that is intermixed. In young
    > birds, the orange is not evident on the head or epaulets of the
    > wings until later after the first molt and as the bird matures.
    > My baby is for sale, but I'm not sure where you live as to
    > whether there would be shippign involved? Reason being, when
    > this baby is weaned, we will be into very cold weather where I
    > live (Pennsyslvania) and shipping may be out of the question?
    > I'll include my E-mail if you are interested in talking off the
    > board. Just click on the highlight at the top of this post.
    > Michael L