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Re: where to start with a Red Bellied Parrot

Posted by Penny on 10/20/04
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    On 10/20/04, Jane C wrote:
    > Hello all
    > After much research one week ago we became parrot owners
    > and bought a male red bellied parrot, a good sized cage,
    > books and a good variety of toys etc.
    > But, being relatively inexperiencing we have come up
    > against some behaviours and some questions on training that
    > we really hope you can help us with.
    > Our Parrot- Jack, is about 18 weeks old (pet store
    > estimate, and we have introduced him to his new
    > surroundings by placing him in a area that he can feel
    > safe, we change food and water daily and provide frequent
    > attention in the form of lots of speaking and hand feeding
    > with bits of fruit etc. However he is displaying some odd
    > behaviour that we don't understand:
    > 1. He stoops low over his perch (almost lying down on his
    > belly) and flutters his wings very quickly for 5-6 seconds
    > 2. He has started to screech REAL loud - the pet store say
    > he was quiet when they had him. We read not to respond but
    > he does it morning and evening (normal?) and during the day
    > for extended period whether we are there or not - mostly
    > while hanging upside down!.
    > 3. He appears to have no interest in the toys we have
    > placed in the cage ( all designed for parrots)
    > 4.We really want him to be allowed out of his cage but he's
    > not responding to our efforts to tame him - he doesn't
    > panic if you slowly replace his food and water and will
    > take grapes from your fingers (he throws them straight on
    > the floor) but he looks terrified the whole time and for
    > the most part shy's away and climbs to the top of his
    > cage. On one occassion I placed my finger close and
    > repeated UP UP but he bit me - presumably out of fear, and
    > although it hurt a bit it didn't draw blood.
    > Can anyone advise us on what his odd behaviour means AND
    > how should we go about training him. He's a lovely bird
    > and we want him to be happy
    > Thanks
    The only information I can offer is that my bird will hold
    onto her playstand branch and start flapping like crazy for a
    few seconds, then repeat it a few seconds later. I think
    it's just exercising her wings and it feels good, just like
    if you were sitting a long time and got up to walk around. I
    also encourage this by having her on my finger and making her
    hold on and flap by lowering my hand quickly. This makes her
    exercise and hopefully helps condition her. I think your
    bird will always do the calling morning and evening but the
    in-between stuff will lessen once she gets out of her cage
    more. You haven't had the bird a long time, so give her a
    little time and patience before you expect her to step up.
    She's just got a new home, new owners, a new cage, so you've
    got to expect her to be a little distrustful at first. Just
    keep feeding her like you're doing and you'll make great
    progress with a little more time. Sounds like she's already
    adjusting if she's 'hanging' around.