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Re: where to start with a Red Bellied Parrot

Posted by Penny on 10/23/04
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    On 10/23/04, Jane wrote:
    > On 10/20/04, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 10/20/04, Jane C wrote:
    > Thanks very much for your reply, one last piece of advice,
    > since posting the previous note he has become constantly
    > screaming all day until bed. neadless to say I have a very bad
    > headache. Any advice, why, and what we should do?
    > Thanks again
    > Jane
    It is possible that the bird was too young to be weaned and is
    screaming for food (handfeeding formula). I would find out what
    formula they gave him at the pet store and try feeding him some
    from a spoon to see if he wants it. He make be screaming from
    hunger. Some birds wean later than others, or he may just need
    the comfort of handfeeding something warm because he's in a new
    place. You could also try warm oatmeal or warm applesauce, but I
    would almost bet on the handfeeding formula. Let us know how
    things go.