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Re: where to start with a Red Bellied Parrot

Posted by Penny on 10/23/04
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    On 10/23/04, Penny wrote:
    > On 10/23/04, Jane wrote:
    >> On 10/20/04, Michael L wrote:
    >>> On 10/20/04, Jane C wrote:
    >> Thanks very much for your reply, one last piece of advice,
    >> since posting the previous note he has become constantly
    >> screaming all day until bed. neadless to say I have a very bad
    >> headache. Any advice, why, and what we should do?
    >> Thanks again
    >> Jane
    > -----------
    > It is possible that the bird was too young to be weaned and is
    > screaming for food (handfeeding formula). I would find out what
    > formula they gave him at the pet store and try feeding him some
    > from a spoon to see if he wants it. He make be screaming from
    > hunger. Some birds wean later than others, or he may just need
    > the comfort of handfeeding something warm because he's in a new
    > place. You could also try warm oatmeal or warm applesauce, but I
    > would almost bet on the handfeeding formula. Let us know how
    > things go.
    P.S. Make sure you feed it warm and follow the directions for
    mixing and temperature on the can.