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Re: pair of senegals

Posted by Michael L on 10/22/04
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    On 10/22/04, phyl wrote:
    > I have a pair of senegals in a large cage in a spare
    > bedroom I have put a nest box in with them, do I have to
    > put heating in the bedroom as the weather is getting
    > colder. The female keeps going in the nest box but the
    > male just keeps havig a look. does this mean they are
    > interested in mating or not, any advice happy to accept.

    You say bedroom, so I assume it's in your home? And if it
    is, I'm sure it's has some heat from the central heating
    system? If you're comfortable, they will be too. Senegals
    can tolerate lower temperatures more than you would think.
    Please don't laugh, but they are male/female? If so, the hen
    going in is a good sign. The male may or may not choose to
    become part of working the box.
    All of my Senegals do not display the 'tight bonding' that
    you see with other birds. They can each sit on opposite
    sides of the cage, but mate and have chicks. They're just
    not the body-to-body type of parrots when it comes to bonding.
    What I think is most important during breeding season and
    encouraging them to come into breeding mode is diet.
    Provide them with ample foods that include higher protein
    items such as cooked grains and beans and hard cooked eggs.
    Dark leafy greens such as collards, kale, mustards, turnip,
    spinach help. And cooked sweet potato and yams, corn,
    broccoli, green beans will also help to spur breeding
    tendancies as well as keeping them in top condition.
    If they are the only birds in the room, no problem. If not,
    visual barriers help to provide privacy from other birds and
    create a more inviting environment for them to breed.
    My Senegals prefer deeper and somewhat small nest boxes. I
    make them 10" X 10" by 20-24" deep.
    Other than that, I can't think of anything else right now.
    maybe some others will be along with more suggestions?
    Best of luck to you. My Senegals are going to nest right
    now, so your's may be too?

    Michael L