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Re: pair of senegals

Posted by Kristen on 10/27/04
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    On 10/22/04, phyl wrote:
    > I have a pair of senegals in a large cage in a spare
    > bedroom I have put a nest box in with them, do I have to
    > put heating in the bedroom as the weather is getting
    > colder. The female keeps going in the nest box but the
    > male just keeps havig a look. does this mean they are
    > interested in mating or not, any advice happy to accept.

    Hi phyl,
    I have always gone by this rule of thumb. If you have to wear
    a sweatshirt in your home to be comfortable (warm) your birds
    are probably a little chilly. If you're comfortable in a
    tshirt of long sleeve shirt, then they are fine.
    Sometimes in the winter though if it's gonna be especially
    cold outside and door are opening often, I put a thick blanket
    around the backside of the cage to help hold in heat and avoid
    a draft on the birds (old comforters are great, especially if
    you ever loose your electricity) good luck, kristen