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Post: Meyers vs. Senegals

Posted by Denise on 10/22/04

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    I am currently in the market for a bird. Wehave been
    looking into many different kinds of birds but are now
    concentrating on the poicephalus group. I want a bird that
    is playful, cuddly and has a good disposition especially
    with children if handled from a young age. My husband
    really wants a bird that can learn to talk. I have read
    that Senegals can usually learn to talk fairly well but
    Meyers not so much. Is this true? I also have found that
    the personality of a Meyers may be more suitable for kids?
    More laid back less likely to bite,etc... Is this true? I
    would appreciate any advice you can share. Please also let
    me know what kind of bird(s) you ahve so I can learn a
    little about the people on this board. Thanks

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