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Re: Meyers vs. Senegals

Posted by Michael L on 10/22/04
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    On 10/22/04, Denise wrote:
    > I am currently in the market for a bird. Wehave been
    > looking into many different kinds of birds but are now
    > concentrating on the poicephalus group. I want a bird that
    > is playful, cuddly and has a good disposition especially
    > with children if handled from a young age. My husband
    > really wants a bird that can learn to talk. I have read
    > that Senegals can usually learn to talk fairly well but
    > Meyers not so much. Is this true? I also have found that
    > the personality of a Meyers may be more suitable for kids?
    > More laid back less likely to bite,etc... Is this true? I
    > would appreciate any advice you can share. Please also let
    > me know what kind of bird(s) you ahve so I can learn a
    > little about the people on this board. Thanks

    I keep Red Bellied, Senegals, Lesser Jardines but not the
    Meyers. A friend of mine raises them, so I have limited
    experience with them.
    All the Poicephalus have their own behaviors that make them
    unique. You mention your husband wanting a bird that can talk?
    All of them can talk, but the degree of clarity and ability
    to mimic is not as refined as the larger parrots. Their
    voices are somewhat 'robotic' sounding. Some of them can put
    words and phrases in appropriate context, while others can
    not. I mention this because I don't know what your
    expectations are geared towards?
    The kid/bird relationship is questionable. The age and
    behavior of the kid is going to have a large bearing on how
    the bird responds. I've heard that Meyers are more gentle
    than Senegals, but I've also seen them in 'action,' so to
    speak, and they can compete with the Senegal's nippiness.
    And most Poicephalus are know for having their favorite
    person/persons. This is true of the Meyers, also.
    But what I will say is this...from this group of birds, you
    get quite a big package in a smaller bird. They can be
    sweet, entertaining, full-of-fun and are easily trained and
    interacted with!
    Best of luck to you in whatever you decide.

    Michael L