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Re: We took the plunge!!!

Posted by Norman Adelewitz on 11/11/04
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    I just posted a response to your original post about choosing
    a bird. Take a look at it. It relates our experience bringing
    home a new Meyer's Parrot.

    As for the sex.....the only way to know for sure what sex it
    is (unless you wait to see if it ever lays an egg) is by a DNA
    test. Our breeder, highly experienced, was sure that Beasley,
    at 1-1/2 years old, was a male. He was SURE of this, because
    of temperament, etc. Well, we had Beasley sexed, and he turned
    out to be a SHE. The breeder was VERY surprised (the bird's
    name was Oliver before we adopted her). Did this with our
    cockatiel also. My wife and I wanted to know because our first
    cockatiel died at six years from egg bind (cockatiels are
    prone to this), after we had been convinced all along we had a
    male bird.

    But please read my post about our experience after we brought
    Beasley home.

    Norm A.

    On 10/25/04, Denise wrote:
    > Well we finally did it. We bought an Africna Meyers over
    > the weekend (hatchdate 9/11/04) It has been a long time in
    > coming and I am so glad to have finally made a decision and
    > settled on a bird. Our search began in June after our
    > budgie died in April. This will be our first "medium" size
    > bird and I am a little nervous but very excited. I cannot
    > wait to visit him daily and watch him grow and take on his
    > own personality. Being that he is only 6 weeks old, it is
    > going to be awhile before our baby comes home. boohoo. I
    > call it a he for now unless I decide it starts to look more
    > like a girl then I will have to change the way I address
    > it. LOL
    > Oh I almost forgot we named him already. His name is Finly
    > (pronouced with a short "i"--short for we finally got a
    > bird!!!) LOL
    > I will keep you posted on our progress