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Re: We took the plunge!!!

Posted by Denise on 11/15/04
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    That frightens me to hear that. I'm sure it was VERY hard for
    your wife. I can't imagine bringing Finlee home to have him
    reject me. I visit him every day and he is as sweet as pie. So
    far he has been wonderful with the kids also. I actually think
    our bird is a girl but my kids disagree with me so we mostly
    say "He". Maybe someday we will find out for sure. Hopefully
    his temperment will not change when he comes home. It will
    probably fall in love wiht my husband and turn against all of
    us when he comes home. My husband rarely goes in to see him.
    I will just die if that actually happens. LOL

    > I just posted a response to your original post about choosing
    > a bird. Take a look at it. It relates our experience bringing
    > home a new Meyer's Parrot.
    > As for the sex.....the only way to know for sure what sex it
    > is (unless you wait to see if it ever lays an egg) is by a DNA
    > test. Our breeder, highly experienced, was sure that Beasley,
    > at 1-1/2 years old, was a male. He was SURE of this, because
    > of temperament, etc. Well, we had Beasley sexed, and he turned
    > out to be a SHE. The breeder was VERY surprised (the bird's
    > name was Oliver before we adopted her). Did this with our
    > cockatiel also. My wife and I wanted to know because our first
    > cockatiel died at six years from egg bind (cockatiels are
    > prone to this), after we had been convinced all along we had a
    > male bird.
    > But please read my post about our experience after we brought
    > Beasley home.
    > Norm A.
    > On 10/25/04, Denise wrote:
    >> Well we finally did it. We bought an Africna Meyers over
    >> the weekend (hatchdate 9/11/04) It has been a long time in
    >> coming and I am so glad to have finally made a decision and
    >> settled on a bird. Our search began in June after our
    >> budgie died in April. This will be our first "medium" size
    >> bird and I am a little nervous but very excited. I cannot
    >> wait to visit him daily and watch him grow and take on his
    >> own personality. Being that he is only 6 weeks old, it is
    >> going to be awhile before our baby comes home. boohoo. I
    >> call it a he for now unless I decide it starts to look more
    >> like a girl then I will have to change the way I address
    >> it. LOL
    >> Oh I almost forgot we named him already. His name is Finly
    >> (pronouced with a short "i"--short for we finally got a
    >> bird!!!) LOL
    >> I will keep you posted on our progress