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Re: We took the plunge!!!

Posted by Mare* on 11/17/04
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    Congrats on your Meyers parrot!

    I have one too. I named him "Oscar" when I got him
    at 4 months old. But now that he's full grown,
    (he's over a year old now) I'm pretty sure he's a She.
    I'm not going to change the name, though. And we're all
    so used to saying "he" and "him"...

    My Oscar is the smallest Meyers I've ever seen.
    He is very petite. I've seen Meyers parrots in pet
    stores, 3-4 months old that looked to be
    almost double his size! This is why I think Oscar
    *might be* a female. But I've also read that they
    can vary in size and weight by a bit, so who knows.

    I'll try to post a picture of him here.
    He's a GREAT bird and friendly with everyone in the
    family. The trick is to make sure they get used to being
    handled by all the adults in the house who want to bond with