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Post: Cage dilema (temporary) for meyers

Posted by Carmen from South Dakota on 10/26/04

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    I have come across a young pair of meyers that I am picking
    up tomorrow. I have ordered a cage, 2 foot wide x 4 foot
    long x3 foot high. HOWEVER, I just ordered it and I have
    to pick up the birds tomorrow. I have a couple different
    size cages open at home. One size is what I have my
    finches in 18 wide x 30 long x 18 high. The other is a
    spare small cockatiel cage, 19 wide x 21? long x 24 high.

    Should I give them each their own cage and place them next
    to each other while in quarantine and waiting for the
    bigger cage, or can they fit in one cage while waiting?
    The last time I ordered a cage built for me it took a month
    to get it.

    Thank you!


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