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Re: Cage dilema (temporary) for meyers

Posted by Kristen on 10/27/04
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    On 10/26/04, Carmen from South Dakota wrote:
    > I have come across a young pair of meyers that I am picking
    > up tomorrow. I have ordered a cage, 2 foot wide x 4 foot
    > long x3 foot high. HOWEVER, I just ordered it and I have
    > to pick up the birds tomorrow. I have a couple different
    > size cages open at home. One size is what I have my
    > finches in 18 wide x 30 long x 18 high. The other is a
    > spare small cockatiel cage, 19 wide x 21? long x 24 high.
    > Should I give them each their own cage and place them next
    > to each other while in quarantine and waiting for the
    > bigger cage, or can they fit in one cage while waiting?
    > The last time I ordered a cage built for me it took a month
    > to get it.
    > Thank you!
    > Carmen

    If they are already bonded, I wouldn't seperate them. I would
    put them in the tiel cage. good luck, kristen