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Re: Stupid question, but still have to ask

Posted by Michael L on 10/30/04
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    On 10/30/04, Carmen from South Dakota wrote:
    > Do meyers eat cockatiel seed mix or do they need a bigger
    > bird mix?
    > yes, they get fresh food, pellets, vitamins, etc. But I
    > give measured amounts of seed, and I was just wondering if
    > I am giving them the wrong seed mix.
    > Carmen

    You've got the right seed size, but my Africans eat a more
    varied seed mix than the cockatiel mix. I use a product made
    by Higgins called "Small Hookbill, Safflower Gold."
    It has a more extensive variety of seeds and include dried
    fruits and nuts, but in a smaller, more manageable size for
    the smaller Africans.

    Michael L