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Re: Stupid question, but still have to ask/micheal L/Carmen

Posted by Michael L on 10/31/04
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    On 10/30/04, Carmen from South Dakota wrote:
    > Is there an on-line place that you use? I think one of the
    > places I shop on-line has it, but I am always looking for the
    > best price. :)
    >> Carmen,
    >> You've got the right seed size, but my Africans eat a more
    >> varied seed mix than the cockatiel mix. I use a product made
    >> by Higgins called "Small Hookbill, Safflower Gold."
    >> It has a more extensive variety of seeds and include dried
    >> fruits and nuts, but in a smaller, more manageable size for
    >> the smaller Africans.
    >> Michael L

    I am blessed to have two wholesale distributors of bird products
    in my area. Without them, it would be very difficult to afford
    some of the things I buy for my birds due to the numbers I have.
    I have not bought Higgin's on line, so I can't direct you there.
    I can tell you that I pay $19 and some change for a 25# bag.
    As a side note, if you do offer pellets, I have recently begun
    using Mazuri brand. They have several formulas and sizes of
    pellet and can be ordered through many feed stores that sell
    Purina products. My most recent bag of 'Small Bird Breeder' cost
    $20 for 25 pounds. I like it. No artificial colors, and the
    birds seem to enjoy it. I've included the site for you to
    explore, and they will help you find a distributor in your area.

    Michael L