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Re: Stupid question, but still have to ask/micheal L/Carmen

Posted by KarenH on 11/03/04
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    I am lucky to be able to buy all my bird supplies wholesale because
    of where I work. It has saved me tons of money.


    On 10/31/04, Michael L wrote:
    > On 10/30/04, Carmen from South Dakota wrote:
    >> Is there an on-line place that you use? I think one of the
    >> places I shop on-line has it, but I am always looking for the
    >> best price. :)
    >>> Carmen,
    >>> You've got the right seed size, but my Africans eat a more
    >>> varied seed mix than the cockatiel mix. I use a product made
    >>> by Higgins called "Small Hookbill, Safflower Gold."
    >>> It has a more extensive variety of seeds and include dried
    >>> fruits and nuts, but in a smaller, more manageable size for
    >>> the smaller Africans.
    >>> Michael L
    > Carmen,
    > I am blessed to have two wholesale distributors of bird products
    > in my area. Without them, it would be very difficult to afford
    > some of the things I buy for my birds due to the numbers I have.
    > I have not bought Higgin's on line, so I can't direct you there.
    > I can tell you that I pay $19 and some change for a 25# bag.
    > As a side note, if you do offer pellets, I have recently begun
    > using Mazuri brand. They have several formulas and sizes of
    > pellet and can be ordered through many feed stores that sell
    > Purina products. My most recent bag of 'Small Bird Breeder' cost
    > $20 for 25 pounds. I like it. No artificial colors, and the
    > birds seem to enjoy it. I've included the site for you to
    > explore, and they will help you find a distributor in your area.
    > Michael L