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Re: Stupid question, but still have to ask/RobinP

Posted by KarenH on 11/03/04
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    On 10/30/04, Robin P. wrote:
    > I used to believe the only stupid question was the one that no
    > one asked,but I tell you this board anymore....

    Man did you hit the nail on the head w/that one. When anyone comes
    in the store and buys bird-related stuff or a bird, I give out a
    sheet that has a list of all the good fruits, veggies, etc. that
    you can feed to your birds. Some people look at me like I've
    grown a beard or something. "That's not what birds eat." one lady
    said. Many people think that giving veggies to a bird kills it.
    Some of the people were so stupid that I don't think I changed
    their minds at all about bird diet.


    > I fed mine a small parrot mix as well,almost like
    > cockatiel,but it had more safflower,pumpkin seeds,stuff I
    > dehydrate myself(Apples,carrot slices,bananas,papayaetc) ,a bit
    > more variety.So long as you're feeding plenty of other stuff
    > too though,mine were big fans of fresh foods.