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Post: Screaming Meyer's

Posted by Rebeccah Dean on 10/31/04

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    I've had my Meyer's parrot for about 2 months now. He is
    one and half years old, very sweet and not yet entirely tame
    (he will do step-ups on a stick, but not on my hand.) I
    also have two Senegals and he is in the cage with one of
    them (although she doesn't exactly adore him they usually
    stay out of each other's way.) After I had Oliver (the
    Meyer's) for about two weeks he developed a real screaming
    problem. I know that parrots can be loud sometimes and I am
    tolerant of it but he often screams loudly for hours on end.
    It doesn't really matter where he is (in the cage, in the
    play area, eating on a chair) and he doesn't really seem
    upset about anything. It seems more like he really just
    loves to scream. I've tried putting him in a covered cage
    for a short time out, but he usually just keeps on screaming
    underneath the blanket. I am really very fond of him and
    want things to work out, but I really need to do something
    to reduce the screaming. Thanks for any advice you might have.

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