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Re: Screaming Meyer's

Posted by Michael L on 10/31/04
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    On 10/31/04, Rebeccah Dean wrote:

    > also have two Senegals and he is in the cage with one of
    > them (although she doesn't exactly adore him they usually
    > stay out of each other's way.)

    >he doesn't really seem
    > upset about anything. It seems more like he really just
    > loves to scream.

    Often time, what is bothering a bird is not always apparent
    to us.
    I don't know this bird's history, but possibly he/she is
    unhappy about having to share living quarters with another
    bird? Not all bird chose the companionship of a cage mate.
    I don't know if this sharing is a result of not having enough
    space for another cage or your choice? If possible, try
    giving him his own digs and see what happens?
    As far as 'loving to scream,' most birds that have a zest for
    life will have periods of noise and chatter, but continual
    screaming is not normal. Assuming there is nothing physically
    wrong with him, possibly a one-bird-to-a-cage might be a
    start to solve your problem. I would also be willing to bet,
    that after time, you would be able to interact with him and
    have him step up on to your hand, if he relaxes enough by
    having his own space. This may also bolster his sense of
    self confidence, which may lessen the screaming?
    Best of luck.

    Michael L