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Re: Baby Pictures

Posted by Phyl. on 2/03/05
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    On 10/31/04, Michael L wrote:
    > Here's a picture of two of my current babies.
    > On the left is a 3 week old Red Belllied and on the right,
    > a 4 week, Lesser Jardines.
    > Michael L
    Such cuties. Do you still have these babies Michael?
    They would be beautiful now? Michael I can imagine you
    and your wife jumping out of bed every morning just
    to see all your wonderful birds. Peter and I love all the
    wild birds of course but love uncovering our three
    and hear Pip say "Good Morning Peter" and then on my
    shoulder saying "hewow my darwing" (cannot pronounce L)
    We have had gale force winds the last couple of days
    so trees down everywhere but the birds are back this
    morning and waiting for their treats.