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Re: Baby Pictures/ Oh Michael such a beauty.....

Posted by Michael L on 2/04/05
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    On 2/04/05, Phyl. wrote:

    > Oh Michael what a wonderful little bird. I do not know anything
    > about a Jardine. Where do they come from?
    > What a beautiful picture for a wall.
    > It is now 9.30 a.m. and our outside birds are becoming very
    > noisy as because we have had rain and it is not sunny yet this
    > morn. we were very lazy and had a Saturday morn. brekky in bed
    > but have everything ready now so we go down to our outside
    > undercover area and the birds follow and it always gives
    > us so much joy. I still believe Pip is SO clever as he was
    > getting annoyed to be uncovered late this morning also, and
    > ONLY first thing mornings, he calls "Good Morning and Peter"
    > getting louder and louder to make sure we hear him.
    > Phyl.

    Thanks, Phyl. The Jardines is in the Poicephalus family and hails
    from central Africa. They are a fun bird and quite entertaining.
    It's still Friday evening here and getting a little warmer. It's
    supposed to hit 54 degrees (F) tomorrow.
    Little Pip sounds like quite a pip!

    Michael L