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Post: How to befriend 2 Senegals to each other!

Posted by Nusi on 11/09/04

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    I have 2 pet Senegals. Bandit is a 3 year old male,
    handfed and raised by me from 4 weeks old. He has a very
    sweet personality and loves the company of other birds.
    Then is have Smokey, who is a 8 month old female, handfed
    and raised by me from 5 weeks old. She is super sweet and
    loves to cuddle and play with everything that moves.

    They have been raised together and lived in separate
    cages side by side for the past 7 months (since i got
    Smokey). They get along great with each other on a daily
    basis. Seeing as i am home all day, they spend all day
    sitting out of their cages. They have the ablity to climb
    off their cages and onto each others cages.

    I was wondering if their would be any possibility that
    they might from a bond with each other as they get older.
    Smokey is very fond of Bandit and will "coo" at him and
    will try and share food with him. She shows off to him
    with clownish mannerisms. Bandit will chatter back to her
    and join in on the clownish ways from time to time, but
    their is no physical contact between the two. Bandit is a
    lot stronger then Smokey so i do not intensionally place
    them together. Smokey still acts very much like a baby
    and if very submissive.

    I was wondering if as Smokey develops a little more, if
    there would be any potential for the 2 senegals forming a
    close relationship so they might be able to groom each
    other. They are soley pet birds, but each one loves
    continual cuddles and head scratches and attention. I
    thought it might be nice for them if they might be able to
    interact phyically in the future. I don't worry about
    losing them as pets, i have a very strong bond with them
    and would make a committed effort to keep that bond.

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