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Post: my red bellied parrot

Posted by Alyssa on 11/21/04

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    i have a red bellied parrot, and it is the first bird i
    have ever owned. we bought from a pet store and was very
    afraid for about 6 months. now she is a very good girl, but
    i still have probelems when i try to get her on to my hand.
    she thinks everything is ok for her to bite, including my
    hands and her beak is pretty sharp. the problem is
    consistent, and once she caused pretty serious damage,
    grabbing the top of my hand and not letting go. i dont
    think it is in defense, i think she doesnt know it hurts
    me, and she is just trying to get up by pulling herself up
    by her beak. i dont know what to do, and im scared to
    practice with her, because it reAlly hurts when she bites.

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