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Re: Are Senegals Dimorphic?

Posted by Michael L on 1/11/05
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    On 1/11/05, KarenH wrote:
    > I was at a bird show recently and this lady had a bunch of
    > "breeder" Senegals for sale, singles. She had them labeled M
    > and F. I asked her if she had them surgically sexed or DNA
    > sexed or if some just laid eggs. They were really cheap,
    > $50 each. She said they were dimorphic and any moron could
    > tell them apart if they tried. I just walked away from her
    > after that because I wasn't gonna buy any anyway so I
    > figured I wouldn't bother her any more. I really couldn't
    > understand how someone could sell birds so cheaply if they
    > had them sexed properly.
    > So is it true? Are they dimorphic. I really couldn't see any
    > difference in these birds.
    > Karen

    They can be sexed visually, and it's usually accurate. But,
    as in anyhing visual, there is a margin of error. Check out
    the site.
    Fifty dollars is a great price for a single Senegal breeder,
    providing they weren't over bred. Also, if she had a lot of
    them, I wonder if she knew (or cared) if they were related?

    Michael L

    Visual sexing of Senegals