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Re: Are Senegals Dimorphic?

Posted by Kathy's Klutches on 1/12/05
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    On 1/11/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 1/11/05, KarenH wrote:
    >> I was at a bird show recently and this lady had a bunch of
    >> "breeder" Senegals for sale, singles. She had them labeled M
    >> and F. I asked her if she had them surgically sexed or DNA
    >> sexed or if some just laid eggs. They were really cheap,
    >> $50 each. She said they were dimorphic and any moron could
    >> tell them apart if they tried. I just walked away from her
    >> after that because I wasn't gonna buy any anyway so I
    >> figured I wouldn't bother her any more. I really couldn't
    >> understand how someone could sell birds so cheaply if they
    >> had them sexed properly.
    >> So is it true? Are they dimorphic. I really couldn't see any
    >> difference in these birds.
    >> Karen
    > Karen,
    > They can be sexed visually, and it's usually accurate. But,
    > as in anyhing visual, there is a margin of error. Check out
    > the site.
    > Fifty dollars is a great price for a single Senegal breeder,
    > providing they weren't over bred. Also, if she had a lot of
    > them, I wonder if she knew (or cared) if they were related?
    > Michael L
    Thanks so much for that site. I was given a Senegal recently &
    was about to make an appt. to get it sexed. "She" has lots of
    green in the tail feathers.
    Now another "?". My friend has a male that is supposed to be a
    proven breeder she was given, in a will, when a woman passed
    away. He is missing some toes. I don't know how many. My friend
    tells me that doesn't matter. She has lots of breeding
    experience. I was told they can't get a good grip & the eggs
    will be infertile. I don't want to hurt her feelings but....I
    don't want to go through setting them up side by side, for who
    knows how long, then putting them together to bond, then ending
    up with all infertile eggs. I would like this to be a one time
    deal. Get a proven male that has all his toes. What do you
    think? Could he make fertile eggs?