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Re: Are Senegals Dimorphic?

Posted by Michael L on 1/12/05
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    On 1/12/05, Kathy's Klutches wrote:

    > Now another "?". My friend has a male that is supposed to be a
    > proven breeder she was given, in a will, when a woman passed
    > away. He is missing some toes. I don't know how many. My friend
    > tells me that doesn't matter. She has lots of breeding
    > experience. I was told they can't get a good grip & the eggs
    > will be infertile. I don't want to hurt her feelings but....I
    > don't want to go through setting them up side by side, for who
    > knows how long, then putting them together to bond, then ending
    > up with all infertile eggs. I would like this to be a one time
    > deal. Get a proven male that has all his toes. What do you
    > think? Could he make fertile eggs?
    > Kathy

    It really depends upon the bird. Missing toes are not usually a
    cause for concern. There are one legged birds that have been
    good breeders, especially if it's the male.
    You could put two birds together with all of their toes and still
    get infertile eggs. Just ask me!

    Michael L