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Re: Are Senegals Dimorphic?

Posted by Kathy's Klutches on 1/12/05
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    On 1/12/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 1/12/05, Kathy's Klutches wrote:
    >> Now another "?". My friend has a male that is supposed to be a
    >> proven breeder she was given, in a will, when a woman passed
    >> away. He is missing some toes. I don't know how many. My friend
    >> tells me that doesn't matter. She has lots of breeding
    >> experience. I was told they can't get a good grip & the eggs
    >> will be infertile. I don't want to hurt her feelings but....I
    >> don't want to go through setting them up side by side, for who
    >> knows how long, then putting them together to bond, then ending
    >> up with all infertile eggs. I would like this to be a one time
    >> deal. Get a proven male that has all his toes. What do you
    >> think? Could he make fertile eggs?
    >> Kathy
    > Kathy,
    > It really depends upon the bird. Missing toes are not usually a
    > cause for concern. There are one legged birds that have been
    > good breeders, especially if it's the male.
    > You could put two birds together with all of their toes and still
    > get infertile eggs. Just ask me!
    > Michael L

    Thanks Michael,
    Your right...I have a number of those pairs myself :). I just had
    heard not to get any males missing toes when I got into breeding.
    It stuck with me as a rule when I was looking to buy a breeder. I
    just wish I had more info on this bird. My gut feeling is to pass
    on this one. I'm not in a hurry to set this one up. I'm sure I'll
    run across another male sometime.