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Re: When does a Red Belly have it's adult coloring?

Posted by Michael L on 2/02/05
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    On 1/27/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > I have a Red bellied Parrot that is near 10 months old.
    > S/he has lots of orange coloring under the wings and spots
    > of orange on the tops of the wings, but the chest is grey
    > with some grass green as well as some orange mixed in. I
    > am thinking female, but am still not sure. As I said, the
    > bird is pretty close to 10 months old, so I would think the
    > adult colorign would already exist, but I am no expert.
    > Should I wait until the next molt, or should I assume the
    > bird is female?
    > Thanks for your help in advance.
    > Cheryl

    Red Bellied are one Poicephalus that, as juveniles, do not
    display accurate coloring to determine gender. Simply put,
    some hens have the orange belly and head while others are
    grey/green and never have any orange. The one with the
    orange, will of course, lose it when it moults. Also some
    males will start out without the orange and then develop it
    By 10 months you should have a pretty good idea of what you
    have, although the moult could prove otherwise.

    Michael L