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Re: When does a Red Belly have it's adult coloring?

Posted by Cheryl on 2/02/05
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    On 2/02/05, Michael L wrote:
    > Cheryl,
    > Red Bellied are one Poicephalus that, as juveniles, do not
    > display accurate coloring to determine gender. Simply put,
    > some hens have the orange belly and head while others are
    > grey/green and never have any orange. The one with the
    > orange, will of course, lose it when it moults. Also some
    > males will start out without the orange and then develop it
    > later.
    > By 10 months you should have a pretty good idea of what you
    > have, although the moult could prove otherwise.
    > Michael L

    Thank you for your response, Michael. I think you are right,
    that by 10 months I should have a good idea of the bird's sex,
    and I am definately thinking female. I'll update if I find out
    differently, LOL

    Thanks again,