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Re: Red Bellies vs. Senegals

Posted by Michael L on 3/01/05
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    On 3/01/05, Clock wrote:
    > I am very interested in buying either a Red Belly or a
    > Senegal. I am just having alot of trouble finding out the
    > big differences between the two besides physical. Are Red
    > bellies as sweet and affectionate as the Senegal? Also
    > which of the two is less of a one person bird? Most sites
    > say that the Red Bellies are better talkers is their a
    > significant difference in their talking ability. Thanks, I
    > appreciate any help you can give me.

    I keep both the Senegal and Red Bellied. To me, they are
    very much the same in behaviors and talking ability.
    They sound alike when they vocalize, which is more mechanical
    sounding rather than that of a human-like voice.
    Granted, the personalities of birds are judged more on an
    individual basis, but generally speaking both species are
    What it comes down to is what your preference might be in
    color and physical characteristics.

    Michael L