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Re: Senegals and Cockateils

Posted by Robin P. on 3/03/05
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    On 3/02/05, Clock wrote:
    > This may be a stupid question but I know both Cockateils
    > and Senegals are similar in size. I was just wondering if
    > Senegals are a good deal smarter. I have had a Cockateil
    > for about 15 years and he is alot of fun but I am
    > definitly looking for a bird that I can interact with a
    > bigger level then I can with him. He has two moods one
    > were he wants to be pet and the other where he will bite
    > me if I go anywhere near him almost like he is Skitzo lol.
    > So I was just wondering if you guys can tell me some of
    > the differences between these two birds. I appreciate any
    > input you can give me.

    Ah,the argument of birdie IQ.It depends on the bird,I have
    seen some "not so bright" Sennies (going by vocal definition)
    and I have seen cockatiels with 40-50 word vocabularies.I had
    a Sennie that wanted his tummy tickled and would "giggle"
    when you did it.Just generally speaking,yes,they can be a bit
    more interactive.It's not a stupid question by any means,but
    like I said,kind of hard to answer,because it does depend
    alot on the bird itself and how it's raised.
    Basically my advice is,find a GOOD breeder or bird shop that
    has well-socialized babies,and go from there.It's usually
    best if you can let your bird pick you.