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Re: Senegals and Red Bellies

Posted by Michael L on 3/07/05
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    On 3/07/05, Paula Satkin wrote:
    > Hi - I'm trying to decide on a bird for a companion and pet.
    > I happend to see Red Bellies and Senegals - the lady said
    > that Senegals do not talk and are sweeter than Red Bellies,
    > that Red Bellies are "nippy" for the first couple of years.
    > I still have studying to do, but what do "real owners" have
    > to say? I am in Virginia


    I guess it's different strokes for different folks.
    I raise both the Senegal and Red Bellied.
    The one thing I would say is that there are no "across the
    board" stereotypes that would apply to these birds. The
    behaviors are more on an individual basis relating to a
    specific bird.
    The sweetest bird that I have, and one of the best talkers,
    is a Red Bellied hen. She came to my garden and has been
    here for several years. She talks up a storm, dances, laughs
    and is one of the best birds I have. One of my breeder hen
    Senegals is a chatterbox. She talks non stop when I'm in the
    bird room. I have another that is reserved, but says a few
    words and is extremely gentle.
    Bot species can be nippy at times, but I wouldn't say that
    one is more so over the other. While both can talk, the
    voice that they use is not human-like as a Grey has. Their
    voice is more mechanical and robotic, but quite clear and
    easy to understand.
    I think the Poicephalus are one of the best companion birds
    for someone who needs a smaller bird, might live in an
    apartment, and wants a bird with loads of personality and
    Granted, I'm biased, but until you meet or keep one, it's
    hard to comprehend what I'm saying.
    Good luck in whatever one you choose.

    Michael L