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Re: Senegals and Red Bellies

Posted by Cheryl on 3/08/05
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    On 3/07/05, Paula Satkin wrote:
    > Hi - I'm trying to decide on a bird for a companion and pet.
    > I happend to see Red Bellies and Senegals - the lady said
    > that Senegals do not talk and are sweeter than Red Bellies,
    > that Red Bellies are "nippy" for the first couple of years.
    > I still have studying to do, but what do "real owners" have
    > to say? I am in Virginia

    I have a Red Belly female. She is going on 1 year old, and I
    have had her since she just turned 3 months old. She is the
    sweetest and most loving bird I have ever had. I showed her
    lots of hands on attention from day one, and showed her that
    she needed to respect the "step up" command, and not bite
    from day 1. She has never bitten me. I am her chosen mate.
    She has been this way since day 1. They are definitely known
    to choose their favorite people to the exclusion of others,
    but they need to be VERY socialized to others. My husband is
    nto a bird person, and has no desire to handle her. She
    cannto stand him. If he (on the couple attempts he made) to
    pick her up, she will come at him, wings extended, beak
    opened. She has done this to him if he even looks liek he is
    going to touch her cage. I can do absolutely anything with
    her and she enjoys everythng. She is personality galore, and
    I highly receommend Red Bellies. I wouldn't trade her for
    anything, adn I have experience with many parrot types,
    ahvign had Cockatoos, etc...