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Re: Senegals and Red Bellies

Posted by Phillip on 4/09/05
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    Hello Michael L,

    Snce you seem to know a lot about Red bellied and Senegal parrot, I
    would appreciate any help you can give. So here goes...What are the
    differences between red bellied and senegal parrots? Actually, I
    would like to know what their eye colorations are and the red/orange
    color on their chest, in terms of how much and how deep a color from
    infancy to adulthood. Thanks

    On 3/07/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 3/07/05, p wrote:
    >> Michael - thanks for the information. I had considered a grey,
    >> but I was afraid that my house is not that "routine" and I didn't
    >> want him/her to get upset and pluck feathers, etc.
    >> Are the Senegals and/or Red Bellies the type of birds that
    >> generally like to be cuddled and touched?
    > Very much so...especiall the hand fed babies. But to further
    > expand on how wonderful they can be, let me tell you this quick
    > story.
    > I have a Senegal hen by the name of Berta. She spent more years
    > a breeding bird, or I should say, attempting to breed. I'm not
    > familiar with all of her history, but I bought her from a friend
    > who bought her from a friend, etc. She hated any male that she
    > put with and her history for producing chicks was virtually nill.
    > Everyone though she was a 'breeder' and would handle her with
    > gloves or a net.
    > Well, when she came to live here, I did try to put her with a
    > another male Sennie. Hate at first site. I put her in her own
    > cage and decided that she could be content to live out her days
    > without a mate. Within a couple of days, I noticed her behaviors
    > were very gentle and kind. I could put my hand in the cage and
    > never attempted to bite me.
    > One day I my hand came close to her and she attempted to step up.
    > I let her and took her out of the cage. IMMEDIATELY, she started
    > bobbing and swaying back and forth on my hand and started to
    > chatter with what appeared to be words. This bird didn't have a
    > mean bone in her body and was as gentle as they came.
    > I guess she never had the opportunity to show anyone what she was
    > capable of doing?
    > Today she lives as one of my pet birds in a cage along side of the
    > Red Bellied.
    > I couldn't ask for any two nicer birds and enjoy both of these
    > girls tremendously.
    > Michael L