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Re: Male and female

Posted by Scotty on 3/12/05
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    On 3/08/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > On 3/08/05, Clock wrote:
    >> Are Senegals better with the opposite sex? I have read that
    >> a female Senegal will be better with a male Human than
    >> female and vice versa.
    > Not necessarily, but that is what I had always thought too.
    > In fact the Red belly that I have, I had thought was a male
    > but turned out to be a female. She is TOTALLY bonded to me
    > and I am female. In the past, my female birds would attach
    > themselves to my husband, but as I have learned, the sex
    > really doesn't seem to make a difference with these guys. I
    > think the sex issue would be more pronounced in birds like
    > Cockatoos.
    > My Red belly would try to bite the you know what out of my
    > husband, but she lifts her wings for me so I can kiss them
    > underneath...) She is like a dog. She will push her head
    > under my hand when she wants petting (which is just about
    > the time, LOL) is totally comfortable with me turning her
    > onto her back, will eat every healthy food there is,
    > (brocolli is her fav) loves being with me (and solicites it,
    > which is nice)loves playing with all her toys, swinging,
    > etc...She loves being held close adn has the most
    > entertaining personality I have ever had the pleasure of
    > seeing in a parrot. She would be happy to be held all day
    > but is quite content to play with her toys and occupy
    > in her cage too. She really is a perfect bird, and I am
    > lucky to have found her.

    I have a male red belly and have the same experiences you have
    with yours. I am the 3rd owner of Kito, the first owners got
    him as a baby. They ended up giving him to my girlfriend since
    their little girl was allergic to birds. Kito actually mimics
    the 3 year girl sneezing. For the first 6 months my girlfriend
    had him things were fine. He got along good with most people
    but didn't show much personality. AFter 6 months things began
    to change...he started bitting the females in the house hard
    enough to cause deep cuts. He actually bit through my
    girlfriends upper lip. It seemed I didn't have any problems
    with him, maybe a few medium bits on my fingers. I ended up
    taking him to my house where I live alone. His personality
    started to show and began to talk and play more. He seems more
    happy with only one person handling him than a house full of
    people trying to mess with him. He does like visitors in the
    house and lets them pick him up but will nip at them for time
    to time. All in all Kito is happier being a one person bird
    and I have no problem with that. He would be happy sitting on
    my shoulder all day and me rubbing his head and tummy. I too
    would not give him up for anything...and I never was a bird
    person before Kito.