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Re: Differences between a Redbellied from a Senegal

Posted by Michael L on 4/09/05
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    On 4/09/05, Phillip wrote:
    > A redbellied was offered to me but it's eyes were
    > yellowish not red and the chest was fully orange red
    > unlike the Senegals in another cage that had a V pattern
    > and their eyes were a lighter yellow. Was told that since
    > the redbellied was a young bird it's eyes will be the
    > yellowish color and that they will change to red after the
    > bird is older. Didn't have a clue whether this is true or
    > not. Can someone with the knowledge in Redbellied and
    > Senegal parrots please explain the differences of the eye
    > and feather coloration from an infant bird to an older
    > adult bird between both species? Thanks.

    Red Bellied parrot's eyes change when they start to mature at
    about 6 months of age. The coloration of the breast varies
    with RB's and is not always the same in young birds. The
    fact that the eyes are yellowish and the breast is orange,
    usually, and I say that with reservation, indicates that it
    is a male. As you know, RB's are dimorphic.
    Senegals on the other hand, are not distinguishable in gender
    from their coloration. They have to be DNA or surgically
    sexed to determine male or female. Their are three mutations
    of the Senegal which include the yellow breasted, orange
    breasted and the more rare, red breasted.
    I raise both and find that they are very similar in behavior
    and temperment.
    I'll include a picture of a Red Bellied, hen for you to see.

    Michael L