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Re: Differences between a Redbellied from a Senegal

Posted by Michael L on 4/09/05
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    On 4/09/05, Phillip wrote:
    > Thank you Michael for the picture. I still have a few of
    > questions. 1) What color are the eyes of a Baby RB before they
    > turn red/orange? Are the eyes the same color of the Senegal's?
    > 2) What about the color pattern of the RB as compared to the
    > Senegal's? Does Senegal lose the V-pattern of the yellow/orange
    > on it's chest and then look like a RB's? I am new to these to
    > the RB and Senegal so bare with me, I just want to learn more
    > about the differences so I can tell one from the other before
    > buying. Thanks again.

    This is a picture of an eight week old Red Bellied. I think you
    can see the eye color?
    The Senegal does not lose the V-pattern as it matures. The Red
    Bellied does not have a v-formation on the body but a generalized
    wash of orange if it's a male, and very little orange, if any, if
    it's a hen.
    I can tell you this...there is absolutely no mistaking a young RB
    from a Senegal. They are distinctly different birds no matter how
    young they are. Senegals have green feathers on the head and body,
    whereas the RB has a slate gray coloring.
    Maybe I don't understand you? Is there some doubt as to two birds
    that you are looking to buy as far as identity?

    Michael L