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Re: Differences between a Redbellied from a Senegal

Posted by Penny on 4/10/05
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    On 4/09/05, Phillip wrote:
    > Michael,
    > Yes, I had a blue front amazon. It spoke very clearly and very often
    > but screeches very loudly and as often. A breeder told me it's in
    > their nature to scream and it's one of their worse drawbacks. I want
    > another parrot that speaks as well as the amazon but one that is
    > quieter. The two I have in mind are the African grey and the red
    > bellied parrots. And believe me, I have been racking my brains over
    > which. Even after spending endless hours reading and researching I
    > still can't decide which but I am leaning towards the Red Bellied or
    > I might just get one of each if the opportunity comes up at a fair
    > price. The reason I wanted more information on how to distinguish
    > the Redbellied from the Senegal is that I don't want to buy a bird
    > which is supposedly a RB and then find out it is a senegal. It
    > really does not matter if it did but every article I have read so
    > far, says that the RB is a better talker in this genus of parrots
    > and that is why I chose the RB over the senegal. I love all birds
    > but I find it even more interesting and chellenging if I can teach
    > them to speak. Thanks Michael, you have been a great help.
    Please remember, there is no guarantee that any bird will talk. I have
    a TAG and she says very few words, mostly just mimics sounds like the
    dog barking, answering machine, blowing her nose, wolf whistle, charge
    whistle. Her only words are hello, pretty bird, chico pico, birdie,
    and little birdie.