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Re: Differences between a Redbellied from a Senegal

Posted by cheryl on 4/10/05
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    The reason I wanted more information on how to distinguish
    > the Redbellied from the Senegal is that I don't want to buy a bird
    > which is supposedly a RB and then find out it is a senegal.

    They look completely different. There is no mistaking a Red belly for
    a Senegal or vice versa.

    > really does not matter if it did but every article I have read so
    > far, says that the RB is a better talker in this genus of parrots
    > and that is why I chose the RB over the senegal.

    If a talkign bird is what is most important to you, then you need to
    buy an adult that is already talking. Tehre are no guarantees, even
    with an African Grey, that it will speak!