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Re: Red Bellied

Posted by Michael L on 4/11/05
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    On 4/11/05, Donna wrote:
    > Can you tell me what colour eyes a 10 week old red bellied
    > would have? Also on the average a newly weaned bird
    > should be eating how much fresh food and veggies coupled
    > with some pellet food in a day?

    Here is a picture of a 10-12 week RB male and Lesser Jardines.
    I think you can see the eye color in the photo.
    I don't think you can put a quantity on 'how much' a bird
    will eat specifically in one day.
    Are you concerned that your bird is not eating enough?
    The fresh foods that you are offering should be in small,
    manageable pieced for the bird to easily explore and pick up.
    Same goes for the pellets. Smaller is better with a younger
    Ten weeks, to me, is just weaned. I like to keep my birds
    longer than that so that I know for sure that they are very
    familiar with all the foods that they will encounter in their
    new home.

    Michael L