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Re: About my female senegal!

Posted by Michael L on 4/15/05
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    On 4/15/05, Holly wrote:
    > On 4/15/05, Cheryl wrote:
    >>> Michael L,
    >>> I just got them 5-6weeks ago! The males 10-12year old import so
    >>> hes not tamed at all but the hen was a pet all her life and the
    >>> pair been together for about 2 months now! She loves to come
    >>> out on me all the time! She talks alot! Guy had them never took
    >>> her out the cage just put them together and he just feeds them!
    >>> He never gave them no toys at all! I give them toys but she
    >>> chew the hell out of the perches she had in the cage! So i buy
    >>> rope perches she chew that too alittle on the side! I'm going
    >>> to try and breed them soon! Hope they breed for me.! Thanx alot
    >>> Holly!
    >> If she is so tame, handleable and talking, I would remove her
    >> from the male and make her your pet. She obviously loves you
    >> already.
    >> Since the male is wild caught, I would maybe find another female
    >> that is similar in temperment and slowly introduce them together.
    >> Your pair now, as they are, will probably not mate and she sounds
    >> liek she deserves to be someone's loving pet...Just my opinion.
    > Hi........She was a lady pet before put with the male the guy
    > say got them from! They senegals like each other the female pluck
    > the back males head alittle bit look like! They sit side by side
    > and sleep together! But she will come right to me when i open the
    > door! She bit my last night hard! Not sure why tho! Maybe did not
    > want back in cage.....LOL! I named her JoJo but guy said she had a
    > name but forget what it was! She says Hello so far i can not under
    > stand the other stuff she trys to say! Female senegals are hard to
    > find these days! I need a wild caught female like him! Thanx for
    > the help! Holly!

    I didn't want to be the one to tell you, but Cheryl made it a bit
    easier for me.
    When you have pairs like yours, where one bird is very tame and the
    other is wild caught, the chances of them ever breeding is very slim.
    I have been down this road myself and thought I could somehow make it
    work and it never did.
    Imported or wild caught, should be with another bird of the same type.
    I wish you lots of luck, but I know your heart is set on Senegal
    babies, but I don't think it is going to happen.

    Michael L